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  • Sweat-O-Meter +

    Take the Quiz: People with hyperhidrosis often take lots of showers, change their clothes a bunch of times per day, Read More
  • Fashion Fiasco? +

    Fashion Fiasco? Are there trends you wish you could wear but know that it would be a failure and you’d Read More
  • Sweat Busting Checklist +

    Get Started & Get Drier Read More
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The International Hyperhidrosis Society can help you save money and manage excessive sweating at the same time. Check out these solutions that YOU have told us work--and as a thank you, the manufacturers gave the International Hyperhidrosis Society members exclusive deals. And no matter where in the world you are, these products can arrive on your doorstep to bust your sweat away. Enjoy these great offers and share your feedback on the International Hyperhidrosis Society Facebook page too! Do you know of a great product or deal we should include? Or does your company manufacture products that would be useful to hyperhidrosis sufferers? Contact us and let us know! Know Sweat!

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Get Started & Get Drier

  • Subscribe to the SweatSolutions newsletter 
  • Use this Web site and www.SweatHelp.org to better understand excessive sweating
  • Gather your team of supporters (like your friends and mentors)
  • Plan your next step, whether itʻs to talk to your coach, talk to your parents, or just to stay positive while you continue gathering your team of helpers
  • If you think you have hyperhidrosis, go to a dermatologist (your team can help you work this out)
  • Remember youʻre not alone
  • Keep a diary of when you sweat, how much you sweat, how it makes you feel, and how it affects your life. Take notes on treatments or antiperspirants youʻve tried and how theyʻve worked. Keep all this information in one place (such as in a "Sweat Diary") and use it to help doctors, teachers, the principal, your parents - whoever! - REALLY understand what you're going through.