Afraid of the Doc?

Excessive sweating is a medical condition that can respond well to treatment by a knowledgable medical professional.

Most people donʻt think that going to the doctor is fun and some of us think itʻs a real hassle, but getting medical treatment for excessive sweating can be the best thing you ever did.

If youʻre nervous, embarrassed, or just plain scared of going to the doctor, here are some good reasons to gather your courage and make that appointment (or ask your parents to do it for you). First, your doctor has seen, heard and, yes, even smelled it all. Trust us, your questions, problems and even icky rashes will not shock her. Plus:
• Your doctor wants to help you, not judge you.
• Your doctor is a great listener. Listening is part of his job and he knows that what you have to say is important.
• Your doctor will respect your privacy and will help you deal with your parents – even if they are basket-cases.
• Your doctor can help you get treatment for excessive sweating so you can get on with more important stuff.

So, go ahead, make that appointment with your pediatrician, primary care doctor, or (better yet) a dermatologist and get one step closer to dryness.