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The International Hyperhidrosis Society can help you save money and manage excessive sweating at the same time. Check out these solutions that YOU have told us work--and as a thank you, the manufacturers gave the International Hyperhidrosis Society members exclusive deals. And no matter where in the world you are, these products can arrive on your doorstep to bust your sweat away. Enjoy these great offers and share your feedback on the International Hyperhidrosis Society Facebook page too! Do you know of a great product or deal we should include? Or does your company manufacture products that would be useful to hyperhidrosis sufferers? Contact us and let us know! Know Sweat!

Go Shopping!

Huddle Up Team!

It's time to gather your team to help you. As strong as you are, you can’t fight hyperhidrosis on your own.

Your parents should be on your team. But they may not be right away. If they aren’t ready to join you on this, find another adult who is: someone who will understand what you’re going through and someone who can help you get your parents on board, too. Maybe your school nurse? Or your guidance counselor or coach? You need an adult to take you seriously so that you can get the help you need. Help may just be finding out how to use antiperspirants the right way (apply at night, before bed, and make sure your skin is totally dry first, reapply in the morning if you want). Or, help may be finding out which antiperspirants are right for you. But it may also be making an appointment with the dermatologist, driving you to the appointment, and helping to explain to the doctor what’s going on. Who’s on your side already? Who do you want to recruit?

Think about that and write down your thoughts in a "sweat diary" so you can start changing your reality.