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The International Hyperhidrosis Society can help you save money and manage excessive sweating at the same time. Check out these solutions that YOU have told us work--and as a thank you, the manufacturers gave the International Hyperhidrosis Society members exclusive deals. And no matter where in the world you are, these products can arrive on your doorstep to bust your sweat away. Enjoy these great offers and share your feedback on the International Hyperhidrosis Society Facebook page too! Do you know of a great product or deal we should include? Or does your company manufacture products that would be useful to hyperhidrosis sufferers? Contact us and let us know! Know Sweat!

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These gems are for practically every body.

You can buy clinical strength antiperspirants at the drug store or a dermatologist can give you a prescription (follow the instructions for prescription antiperspirants carefully). Some clinical strength antiperspirants are just as effective as the prescription ones and they are less irritating to your skin. Antiperspirants work by plugging your sweat ducts so that the sweat doesn’t reach the surface of your skin. This “plugging” is safe and too small to see. Most people use antiperspirants in their underarms, but antiperspirants also work on hands, feet (use the spray kind on the bottom of the feet and between toes), and even your face. Before using antiperspirants on sensitive body areas, however, test them on a small patch of skin to make sure you’re not going to get irritated. For facial sweating, apply a soft-solid antiperspirant along the hairline (remember to test it on a small area first). Gently massaging antiperspirants into the skin may be helpful. Antiperspirants work best if you apply them everyday; especially before bed. Make sure your skin is completely dry prior to application (a hair dryer can help). When buying an antiperspirant, be sure to read the label so you know you’re getting an antiperspirant and not just a deodorant. Deodorants cover B.O. (body odor) – they don’t stop sweat.