If you experience extreme sweating all over your body or on your scalp and face before oral reports at school, giving speeches, performing on stage, or during other special events, you may be able to take an oral medication (a pill) every once in a while, as needed, to control your sweating.

Pills (usually anticholinergics or beta-blockers) aren't great long-term, daily solutions to sweating because they have side effects but every once in a while (your brother's wedding or a graduation speech) your doctor might say it's o.k. It's important to know that taking these medications can greatly reduce your body's ability to cool itself. Athletes or anyone who works or plays in the heat should not consider this option. You should also investigate if there's an underlying medical condition (like diabetes) or a medication that you are taking that makes you sweat as a side effect (lots of anti-anxiety and anti-depressant meds do this).